The design of the strategies your child will acquire is based on the work of George Pólya

Pólya, a renowned mathematician and Emeritus Professor at Stanford University, dedicated his career to describe how we solve problems, and he created an algorithm for his Maths students to use when facing complicated problems.

ThinkingHat ventures to integrate findings from the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology with Pólya’s view.

As a result, we have created a set of strategies that will adapt to your child’s developing skills. They will lift unnecessary cognitive load to allow them to face increasingly complex problems and bring them closer to their true potential.

With problems, there is no rule that fits all.

They are diverse, complex and unexpected. For children in particular, they place a huge demand on their developing brains. They require various cognitive functions (like language, arithmetic skills or selective attention) to work simultaneously and interconnectedly.

The sooner your child acquires learning strategies to synthesise, organise and comprehend information, the more confidently they will take on complex problems.

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