Problem-Solving Skills

Why start now?

Traditional education is not doing enough to prepare your child for a hectic, unpredictable and fast-changing world. Problem-Solving is a skill that, if acquired early in life, will shape your child into having a more organised and analytical mind.

Life-Long Learning

All of ThinkingHat’s strategies can be used on paper.

Your child will want to use them doing homework, on a test, at Secondary school… They will see it’s okay to not know the correct answer straight away, because there are tools they can use to find out!

Growth Mindset Philosophy!

All children need challenge, regardless of their Maths ability. But they also need to feel confident they can overcome any challenge if they keep trying.

When playing ThinkingHat, children will determine by themselves whether they feel ready for a challenge, and they will be able to choose an appropriate one.

Playing with ThinkingHat, children also learn that making mistakes is an essential part of learning. They will be rewarded for their perseverance and resourcefulness, not just for knowing the answer straight away.

Purposeful Maths

The moment most children disengage from Maths is when it becomes abstract and they don`t understand “What it’s for”, or how it connects to their own life.

At ThinkingHat we advocate Maths as an essential part of human experience, to be enjoyed by all. Therefore, our problems are purposeful.

Each problem continues a story that narrates the life of a character. Sometimes it is through solving a problem that they find out what will happen next, so children are engaged until the very end!

Future Employability

Problem-Solving is valued as a critical skill by institutions like the WEF and the OECD.

According to the World Economic Forum’s latest reports, Problem-solving skills will become crucial in upcoming years for employability.