About us page

ThinkingHat is a K-12 ed-tech venture getting out of the garage. Through a holistic approach to children's education, we provide life-long skills that go beyond the curriculum.

Our mission is to create technology that supports children in an increasingly changing world.

Startup accelerated by SEK LAB, first Spain's ed-tech accelerator.

Gloria Molins

Chief Learning Officer

Gloria Molins is a psychologist who decided to embark on the world of teaching. Obsessed with understanding and optimising children's learning processes, she is striving to make of ThinkingHat a tool that develops mathematical thinking and connects all children with maths.


Jon Pittaluga

Chief Everything Officer

Jon Pittaluga is proud father of two and a seasoned entrepreneur with a digital creative background. After launching (and closing) a software as a service startup, he is working hard and smart to foster love for problem-solving.