Complex Problem-solving is the top skill for the future.

The sooner your kids start learning, the better.

ThinkingHat is a fun, simple and creative game where 7-12 year olds learn Problem-Solving skills, through maths problems.


Playing ThinkingHat, any child can learn simple strategies to solve increasingly complex maths problems.

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ThinkingHat will accompany your child by teaching them strategies to:

  • Focus their attention on the relevant information.
  • Visualise and draw maths problems.
  • Develop their understanding of mathematical language.
  • Try creative approaches to solve challenging problems.
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Does your child love stories?

Errr, of course they do! Don’t we all?

ThinkingHat is a fun game where problems are starred by witty characters that accompany the children through their Problem- Solving journey. When you play, you can expect hearing the occasional giggle out of any child (including the adult-sized ones).

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Want your child to start acquiring a highly demanded soft-skill?

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Want your child to acquire better thinking skills?

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